Monday, February 7, 2011

The End and the Beginning

by Carl Hunt

The SENDS Website is open for business, as many of you have already found out. SENDS colleague and fellow blogger Craig Harm has done a magnificent job organizing and managing the site and the feedback has been very good so far!

That means that this will be the final posting of the SENDS & the Science of Cyberspace Blog on this site. Future blogs will be posted at at the SENDS Blog Page, where it will be easy to subscribe, follow your favorite bloggers and search the topic index both textually and graphically, thanks to a novel tool called Infomous from SENDS’ partner, Icosystem.

We are grateful to the contributions of our blogging family and looking to grow that family in the new site. In the near future, our readers will find more about the SENDS Pilot tasks and track progress on the development of SENDSim and the SENDS Center for Cyberspace Science. The exploration continues!

The SENDS site will also host new versions of the SENDS White Paper for a Science of Cyberspace Science, incorporating new inputs from contributors and reviewers.

The new site will feature new opportunities for more involvement in the development of ongoing SENDS’ thinking and exploration, including you! SENDS fellow blogger and colleague Bob Schapiro will be writing about that soon.

We have a lot to do to complete the Pilot in June, but thanks to the contributions of our members and bloggers, we have a remarkably broad base of insights to make sure we stay in explore mode as much as possible. Your help will make sure we keep SENDS going well beyond the Pilot.

Please visit us at and stay in touch with the blogs and the project. Join us, follow us and help us move forward in exploring cyberspace and building this new science together.

Signing off Here!
- Carl Hunt

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