Friday, October 29, 2010

SENDS and DoD’s “Armed with Science”

by Craig Harm

Yesterday, the Public Affairs Office (PAO) of DoD posted their first entry about SENDS in their very fine blog called “Armed with Science.” The SENDS Project has been working with the PAO for some time to establish this relationship and we’re delighted we have the opportunity to tell the SENDS story through this venue, as well. We expect other connections soon and will keep you posted as they link in.

This new connectivity with the DoD PAO and “Armed with Science” is an important example of the interconnecting, interactive power that cyberspace has introduced to the US and to the world. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and other environments have captured the essence of social networking to the benefit (and sometimes not so much benefit) of many who would otherwise constrain themselves to the one-to-one or one-to-few connectivity of email. These socially based networking environments offer us many insights about modern interconnected communications and relationships, and how the social nature of the world is evolving before our very eyes.

SENDS and other efforts we begin to describe in the Science of Cyberspace White Paper offer us an objective opportunity to study how cyberspace and its interconnecting fabric affect us socially, culturally and professionally. This is in keeping with the objectives of the “Armed with Science” project and we are pleased to now be a part of it. We will be providing routine updates about SENDS through both “Armed with Science” and this blog as well, and hope to continue to leverage the power of interconnectivity through cyberspace even as we seek to understand more about it. You can get to all SENDS-related "Armed with Science" blogs directly from the link on the right.

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